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Bruce L. Simon of Pearson Warshaw, LLP was named as the 2018 “Antitrust Lawyer of the Year” by the Antitrust, UCL and Privacy Section of the California Lawyers Association.* This prestigious award has been given since 1991 and recognizes the distinguished careers of the top antitrust lawyers in California.

Upon learning of his selection, Mr. Simon stated, “I am so honored and humbled to be chosen. It is particularly poignant given the many friendships I have made during my service with the Section. Antitrust Lawyer of the Year is built on the high quality and talent of all who participate in the Section, and in particular, those who have received the award in the past. Being associated with all of you has taught me so much and has always kept me on my toes.”

Mr. Simon is one of the leading antitrust lawyers not just in California, but nationwide. He has been appointed lead counsel for plaintiffs in many antitrust cases with national and global impact, and has secured billions of dollars in settlements for businesses and consumers.

One of his particularly notable cases is In Re: Credit Default Swaps Antitrust Litigation, a case alleging a conspiracy among the world’s largest banks to maintain opacity of the credit default swaps market as a means of maintaining supra-competitive prices of bid/ask spreads. As Co-Lead Counsel, Bruce was instrumental in achieving a landmark settlement amounting to $1.86 billion. It is one of the largest civil antitrust settlements in history.

He was also one of the lead trial attorneys in the In Re: TFT-LCD Flat Panel Antitrust Litigation. In recent times, this is one of a handful of antitrust class actions that has gone to a jury verdict in favor of the plaintiffs. The case was tried in federal court in San Francisco, and resulted in a verdict of $87 million before trebling. Total settlements in the case amounted to $473 million.

Mr. Simon has just been appointed co-lead counsel in In Re: German Automotive Manufacturers Antitrust Litigation. He represents indirect purchasers who allege collusion among the largest German car companies to stifle innovation, restrict supply and fix prices for their vehicles.

Bruce’s achievements are not limited to the courtroom. He is the former Chair of the Antitrust, UCL and Privacy Section and remains an advisor and active contributor. After Co-Chairing an ABA task force to increase participation of the plaintiffs’ bar in the Antitrust Section, and leading the Global Private Litigation Committee, Mr. Simon is now on the Council. Bruce is also a past Chair of the Board of Directors of his alma mater, U.C. Hastings College of the Law. He was appointed by the Governor Gray Davis in 2003 and served on that Board for 12 years.

*The Section was formerly part of the State Bar of California, but as of January 1, 2018, all State Bar Sections were transferred into the California Lawyers Association.