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DRAM Antitrust Litigation

In re Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Antitrust Litigation, Northern District of California, MDL No. 1486. Pearson Warshaw partner Bruce L. Simon was one of the principal attorneys involved in this multidistrict litigation arising from the price-fixing of DRAM, a form of computer memory.

Mr. Simon served as the co-chair of discovery, supervising and coordinating the review of almost a terabyte of electronic documents, setting and taking depositions, establishing and implementing protocols for cooperation between the direct and indirect plaintiffs as well as the Department of Justice, presenting oral arguments on discovery matters, working with defendants on evidentiary issues in preparation for trial, and preparation of a comprehensive pretrial statement.

Shortly before the scheduled trial, class counsel reached settlements with the last remaining defendants, bringing the total value of the class settlements to over $325 million.