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Employment Litigation

Holding California Employers Accountable for Wage and Hour Violations

Does your paycheck reflect the overtime you’ve worked? Are you routinely docked for lunch breaks you never took? If you have compared notes with co-workers and found a pattern of employer misconduct, you may have a group claim for money damages.

Pearson Warshaw, LLP (PW) is a nationally recognized law firm with demonstrated success in employment-related class action lawsuits. We have prevailed on a wide range of wage and hour claims relating to:

  • Failing to pay overtime
  • Miscalculating overtime
  • Misclassification to avoid paying overtime
  • Not allowing required meal and rest breaks
  • Withholding pay for breaks not taken
  • Requiring “off the clock” work
  • Deducting wages for cash shortages or broken equipment

Damages for employment law violations include back pay, plus interest and penalties. For example, California law requires employers to pay one hour of regular pay for each instance of a missed rest break or meal break.

Pearson Warshaw has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, representing wage-earning workers and managers throughout California and the United States.