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On February 9, 2015 Pearson Warshaw, LLP filed a class action lawsuit in the Minnesota District Court (0:15-cv-00472, MDL No. 14-2551 SRN/JSM) on behalf of 29 individuals and a class of similarly situated former NHL players who suffered concussions and other head injuries throughout their playing careers. According to the complaint, the NHL not only failed to protect its players from dangerous concussions and other head injuries, but encouraged fighting and violent hits during games to increase fan attendance and television ratings.

The NHL was aware of the risks associated with the style of play it demanded from its players, including but not limited to long-term brain injury, including memory loss, depression, dementia, and other severe symptoms and illnesses. Pearson Warshaw, LLP seeks relief on behalf of the individual plaintiffs as well as a class of similarly situated former NHL players in the form of medical monitoring, monetary damages, and other relief allowable under the relevant laws.

There has been extensive media concerning this case: