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On July 13, 2007, United States District Court Judge Susan Illston appointed Pearson Warshaw, LLP partner Bruce L. Simon as interim co-lead counsel for all direct purchaser plaintiffs in the coordinated antitrust class actions against the makers of liquid crystal display (“LCD”) products. Plaintiffs allege that between 2001 and the present, defendants engaged in a conspiracy to fix the prices of LCD products sold in the United States. Worldwide, the sale of LCD products is a $69 billion industry, and many believe that this case is the largest price-fixing case pending in the country. Pearson Warshaw, LLP was selected from a group of distinguished antitrust firms that applied for the position. As interim co-lead counsel, Pearson Warshaw, LLP will be responsible for supervising the direct purchaser plaintiffs’ prosecution of the case and coordinating their efforts with the Department of Justice’s ongoing criminal investigation. For a copy of the Court’s Order appointing Pearson Warshaw, LLP as lead counsel, please click here.