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Pearson Warshaw, LLP’s (“PW”) mediation practice focuses on facilitating confidential, cost-effective, impartial, and efficient resolution of disputes at any stage of the proceeding, including pre-litigation counseling services.

What is mediation? Mediation is a confidential, non-binding process in which a neutral mediator facilitates settlement negotiations between the parties. A mediation session generally begins with a joint session with presentations of each party’s view of the case. The joint session is followed by separate meetings between the mediator and each individual party and their counsel to:

  • Identify areas of agreement;
  • Facilitate communication between the parties;
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s positions;
  • Help the parties clarify their interests and understand those of their opponent; and
  • Negotiate a resolution.

PW Partners Clifford H. Pearson and Jill M. Manning are skilled litigators with decades of combined litigation experience in California state courts and federal courts nationwide. As retained counsel, Mr. Pearson and Ms. Manning have mediated hundreds of cases throughout their careers and have considerable expertise handling high profile and high dollar complex and class action matters. In addition, Ms. Manning is a trained mediator and court-appointed neutral for the Northern District of California’s Early Neutral Evaluation program. Through their broad range of experience and depth of knowledge, they can quickly harness and dissect legal disputes and pinpoint the critical issues holding up settlement in order to facilitate a resolution.

Why choose PW to mediate your case? They will help you and your client:

Save time and money by reaching a speedy resolution;

Eliminate the risks of litigation by allowing you or your client, not the judge or jury, decide how the case is resolved;

Craft a creative business-driven solution that a court could not order;

Preserve an ongoing business or personal relationship; and

Protect the confidentiality of all discussions and negotiations.

For information, please contact Clifford H. Pearson or Jill M. Manning.