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Minor League Baseball


According to the complaint, MLB and its teams benefit enormously from the minor league system, as it allows them to develop future major league players. The minor leaguers support this developmental system, even though most minor leaguers never reach the major leagues.

Despite enjoying these benefits, the lawsuit alleges that MLB and its franchises have exploited these young players by paying illegally low wages. Most minor leaguers have been paid less than minimum wage and work overtime hours without receiving overtime pay. The lawsuit also alleges that during other periods of the year, such as spring training and the winter off-season, minor leaguers work while receiving no pay at all.

The federal and state wage and hour laws were enacted to prevent such exploitation. This lawsuit seeks fair compensation for minor leaguers who have worked tirelessly for the betterment of MLB and its teams, while pursuing a dream to play in the major leagues.

There has been extensive media concerning this case: