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Pearson Warshaw, LLP has setup a hotline to assist victims of the October 2017 Northern California fires. The law firm is ready and able to assist those affected by the fires in Napa County (Atlas Fire and Partrick Fire), Sonoma County (Tubbs Fire, Pressley Fire, Pocket Fire and Nuns Fire), Mendocino County (Redwood Complex and Potter Fire) and Yuba County (Cascade Fire).

These devastating fires have ravaged the region since October 8, 2017 and are only partially contained. With over 100,000 acres burned, thousands of local residents and businesses have been and continue to be displaced. The loss of 34 lives and almost 3,000 homes is unprecedented. Pearson Warshaw LLP stands ready to assist those in need.

Pearson Warshaw LLP partner Bruce Simon is a Bay Area native who has worked in Santa Rosa and grew up going to the Russian River. For Mr. Simon the devastating fires hit close to home, “Being born and raised in San Francisco, the ongoing fires and their impact on our community is tragic.” Mr. Simon continued, “I have many friends and family in the areas affected by the fires, and personal safety is the first priority. Rebuilding lives, homes and businesses will involve lots of questions about insurance and who is responsible for the devastation. Our firm stands ready to assist.”

If you have been impacted from the Northern California fires and need legal assistance, feel free to call our hotline (877) 391-8300 or send an email to our dedicated email, [email protected] for a no-charge consultation.

We have created a newsletter to assist you in making a claim with your insurance company. It can be viewed here.