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Professional Liability

Los Angeles Professional Liability Attorneys

Plaintiff Representation in Professional Liability Lawsuits

If you suffered a personal injury or economic loss because of a professional’s fraud or negligence, you have a strong and proven advocate in the law firm of Pearson Warshaw, LLP (PW). We have demonstrated results in both individual claims for damages as well as class actions in professional liability litigation.

Pearson Warshaw has prevailed on behalf of plaintiffs in all types of professional malpractice and fraud cases, including:

  • Legal malpractice— missed deadlines, fraud, undisclosed conflict of interest, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Securities broker fraud— misrepresentations of stock performance or insider manipulations, misappropriating client funds
  • Accounting/auditing malpractice— falsified financial statements, serious accounting errors
  • Insurance malpractice— providing inadequate coverage or misrepresenting policy provisions
  • Medical malpractice— failure to diagnosis, surgical error, medication error, birth injury (subject to a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages in California)

Professional liability claims are complex and vigorously defended. Our skilled trial lawyers have the resources, experience and access to experts in each field to demonstrate how the professional standard was breached.